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The Byrnes Family purchased their first Butcher Shop in 1960, this was located on the Atherton, Tablelands, in the picturesque town of Atherton. To further enhance this retail outlet, a slaughter yard was purchased at Tolga, also on the Tablelands, in 1962.

The slaughter yard was upgraded over the proceeding years to a fully accredited Abattoir, with the latest upgrade, being a Boning Room Complex. Further updating of the plants facilities occurred in November 1995, with the installation of computerized slaughter floor and boning room ticketing system.

With the continued expansion of the region, the family moved from the Tablelands to Cairns and constructed a wholesale/retail facility at Manunda, ten minutes from the Cairns Central Business District.

Under the guidance of Mr. Darcy Byrnes, the family have continued to purchase a number of properties as well as retail/wholesale outlets and other businesses, all of which complement each other, further value adding to the products sold.

Current Operations

The main operations of the Company Group are centered in the Far North Queensland town of Cairns, it is from these facilities that all operations are run and is the base for Mr. & Mrs. Byrnes.
The Factory complex in Cairns, currently supply Tourist facilities in Far North Queensland, as well as Retail Butchers, Restaurants, Farming Properties, etc. From the Meat Hall within the complex, they are able to supply a complete range of meat, small goods and poultry products. They also carry a large range of exotic meat lines, from kangaroo to crocodile.

The main source of their meat is from cattle sales on the tablelands and to supplement this source they do purchase an extensive range of products from southern suppliers. With the opening of a chicken processing plant on the Tablelands, the supply of poultry and poultry products are also from local sources.

Also within this complex, they have a large smallgoods section, manufacturing an extensive range of items. The retail outlet attached to the premises, handles up to 1500 customers a week.

The Abattoir, situated at Tolga on the Tablelands, is Australian Meat Accredited, certificate dated the 16th of March 1989, with all the Abattoir employees, having obtained full accreditation with Aus-Meat and currently is licensed to kill up to 150 bullocks a day. It is through this facility that all cattle purchased are slaughtered, before being sent to the factory at Manunda.
They also handle a variety of small stock, including pigs, sheep, etc. they currently have their son in charge of this facility.

They also own a small retail outlet in Cairns. With the withdrawal of a number of southern based Meat Companies from our region, the Group further expanded the operations, with the purchase of a Wholesale and Bulk Storage facility at Portsmith, Cairns. Which now allows them to carry a variety extensive range of products at all times. A number of cattle properties have been purchased and they are used for breeding and fattening, prior to slaughtering.

Overall, throughout the business’s, the Byrnes’ employ 110 staff, from farm hands to qualified Butchers and slaughter men.
They have an extensive range of vehicles on the road, ranging from vans to large refrigerated meat trucks. They also have a number of single purpose vehicles, for carrying livestock to the Abbatoir and a variety of farm machinery. They have over 21 vehicles registered on the road.

The Byrnes Family is not limited to just one venture, but cover a very extensive array of business’s within the meat industry. From the actual breeding of the animal through to the serving meal on your plate. It should be noted however, that each entity is a separate company/business.

The quality of Australian Meat is recognized world wide and Mr. & Mrs. Byrnes, pride themselves on being able to, not only match this high standard, but exceed it regularly. They have a very strict, Quality Assurance program in place at the Abattoir and have upgraded this program across all the associated business’s, with Quality Assurance Certificates being granted to the Portsmith Complex and Quality Assurance programs in place at all other facilities.



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